Helping children learn how to manage big feelings.

Using the wonder of dinosaurs and the connection to others in play, the Dinemo Friends help create opportunities for children and adults to talk about feelings, fostering healthy relationships for life.

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Perfect gift for teachers.

The Dinemo Friends are a collection of colorful dinosaurs expressing a variety of different emotions. Our products can help parents, and professionals teach young children about feelings.

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    Many children have difficulty describing their feelings, and Dinemo Friends can help them verbalize their emotions. When children have a healthy understanding of their emotions, they can express themselves fully and respond developmentally to their experiences.

    - Tricia Phillips | Early Education Instructional Services Coordinator

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    The foundation of a quality classroom environment is trust. What I love about Dinemo Friends is the visual language it provides for students. It's an effortless tool to utilize in building that trust.

    - Michael Pupillo | K-12 Art Teacher & H.S. Entrepreneurship Teacher

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    As a school counselor who works with young students struggling with emotional disability, this poster is a total hit. It hangs in my office and when children are having a hard time, the poster empowers them to identify and make sense of their emotions. A+

    - Sara Austin | School Counselor